What Does it Mean When a Charge is Expunged

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Expungement is a form of legal process which allows an accused person to get the records on the criminal charges expunged from their record. This process can be used to help people who have been charged with criminal activity, but who are innocent of the charges against them. People can use this process to clear their records of any records that could possibly harm their chances of receiving a job or a position in their future. There are many benefits of expungement, but there are also certain disadvantages to this process. For those who are facing criminal charges, understanding what this means and why they should consider using this option can help you get through your criminal charges successfully.

Expungement Process

What does it mean when a charge is expunged? Expungement is a process that is used in order to ensure that any information that was contained in a criminal case is removed from your criminal record. This is done by having the criminal case dismissed or being dismissed by the courts. Any records that were contained in this case can then be cleared out from your criminal record after this has taken place.

When is a Record Expungement Important

When is it important to expunge records? Anytime that there are some types of records that you need to be able to access in order to do a job interview, apply for certain positions, or even for a job that you will be applying for in the future, you should consider using this process.


What does it mean when a charge is expunged? Expungement is used in court cases such as child abuse or domestic violence cases. It is also used in civil trials where the information is considered to be privileged. This information can include information that is not available to the public and could actually harm someone if they were to find out about it.

Misdemeanors Expunged?

What does it mean when a charge is expunged? Another common reason why people decide to expunge criminal records is when they are facing criminal charges that do not involve a significant amount of damage to the public. A criminal charge might consist of a misdemeanor, so it may be more difficult to clear the record out because there is a lesser amount of damage that could be done. if the charge were to be expunged. In this instance, a defendant would be able to clear their record and get to do their jobs and go about their lives without having any additional worries.


What does it mean when a charge is expunged? There are many different reasons why people choose to use this process and one of them is to clean their record after committing criminal acts. So give an expungement attorney a call for help with your criminal record expungement.

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