How to Get Your Record Expunged in Ohio

ohio expungement

An expungement is a legal process where an individual can erase minor crimes from the criminal records. The records are destroyed together with the evidence. However, expungement is not eligible for all crimes, it can only apply for minor crimes done by the individual.

In Ohio, adult criminal records cannot be completely expunged; instead, the criminal records are sealed. When the records are sealed it is no longer available to the public however it is not destroyed. Sealing cannot destroy the physical and electronic records instead, all evidence is destroyed by complete expungement. There is a technical difference between sealing and expungement of criminal records. Most people get their records expunged, due to their employment and career reasons. Nobody wants to be judged according to their past mistake.

Why Get an Expungement in Ohio

If an individual has a criminal record, he or she is not likely to be chosen for a job that they applied for. The expungement of a criminal record is an excellent way to cut off the past negativity an individual was engaged in, since, it provides a clean record and freedom to chase any career activity. An individual who has appeared in court and proven not guilty does not require any expungement since the court of law has been found with no particular crime. This can occur maybe, due to lack of enough or no evidence found against the person.

How Long Does an Expungement Take in Ohio

An expungement takes approximately 1 month or 30 days. An individual should file for expungement as soon as the person is qualified.

How to Apply for an Expungement of a Criminal Record in Ohio

To apply, one needs to make an application to a court of law. There are various stages one has to figure out before application since every crime has its level of conviction. Every Ohio court of law has its way of making and filing of expungement laws. If one is qualified to apply for expungement, one has to encounter one of these standards;

Non-conviction: This is the stage when one is charged with a crime but was never convicted. Therefore, the individual is qualified to apply for the expungement.

Felony convictions: This is the stage when one has below five felonies that do not involve violence either sexually. All felonies must be non-violent. The individual is very eligible for complete expungement.

Misdemeanor convictions: This only works when an individual has an unlimited number of a misdemeanor, this type of individual can apply successfully for the expungement.

A combination of a misdemeanor and felony conviction: This type of individual is also eligible for expungement.

Criminal Convictions Not Eligible for Conviction

  • Felonies of the first, second and third-degree
  • Numerous convictions of the same offense of an individual
  • Violent offenses such as domestic violence
  • Numerous sex offenses such as rape and uncivilized sexual nuisance.
  • Convictions, where an individual is sentenced to a prison term, cannot apply for expungement

Criminal Convictions Eligible for Expungement

  • When an individual has no criminal charges pending against him or her
  • Minor misdemeanors do not count as verdicts
  • When one is not subjected to any prison term

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